First post

Hello readers!

after a long time thinking, I have decided to start a blog about my sewing projects. I hope this pushes me to finish sewing projects because I am eager to hear your opinion and comments. Also I am one of those with a box full of meters of fabric and a pile of patterns to test. So by writing this blog I hope to speed up the process of creating my own wardrobe.

My sewing experiences come from a long time back. While living with my family, I was always surrounded by sewing. My mum has made many fancy dresses and in her early times, she also followed tailoring courses.  My grandmother sewed all her clothes in her youth and she made me many wool sweaters. I remember my first real sewing project was a long time ago. In 2006, I sewed a bag for my first laptop and to carry papers. I used my mum machine, an old Singer!, (which in reality was from my grandmother). Later I did small projects but nothing serious.

Last year I bought my first sewing machine, a Janome Jem Gold plus, and since then I am sewing pieces of clothes for me and the people I care for. As I have a “fancy” sewing machine, those people give me little jobs like shortening trousers, arranging zippers, buttons, … I believe you also have experienced the same, right?


Why do I want to sew my own wardrobe? There are two main reasons. First, I want to personalise my wardrobe and have unique things. I want to be able to choose my own prints, patterns and styles and also have pieces fit to my body rather than Prêt-à-Porter. Second, I want to appreciate clothes differently. With current prices of garments and production quantities, people consume lots of clothes without regard.

If you started to sew your own clothes, do you shop for your clothes in the same way? My answer is No! Now when I go to a store I check every seam, cut, button, hem, fabric quality, … Most of the times I come home empty-handed thinking I can sew that better, would fit me better and with a better fabric.


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