Tote bag :: Ted Baker copycat ::


This is the first post related to the copycat section on this blog. I am happy to announce the tote bag inspired by a design of Ted Baker. My goal was to make a hard tote bag to carry books and other stuff to class. So the size is such that a sheet of paper fits length wise.



On the left,  you can see Ted Baker tote bag with its lovely flower print. The background of the fabric and leather strap colour is black. In my case, I chose a fabric that had a blue background and I got a blue faux leather for the straps and borders.

When I was buying the faux leather, I was concerned about the weight that the bag had to carry so I chose the thickest and hardest I could found. However, I didn’t account for the fact that my sewing machine could not take so many layers at that thickness. Sewing the edges of all the bag was a real pain. I had to help the machine to get going. And since the faux leather is made of some sort of plastic, the holes from the needle remain. Believe me, I didn’t want to make mistakes.


This is the inside of the bag. The inside was up to me, I didn’t add the same pocket as in the original. In my case, I added this big pocket to fit pens in a contrasting fabric and another pocket on the opposite site to have easy access to cards. For the hard look, I used a thick fusible interfacing all over the bag and I added a plastic layer to the bottom. Now I can carry heavy books and the bag retains its shape.


I really like the fabric. It is a combination of red, brown, yellow, white and golden dots with a blue background. The bag is really easy to combine thanks to the combination of colours.  For the fastening clips and the strap rings, I reused them from an old bag.


The part that took me a lot of time to finish is the straps. I am not happy with their final result. I attached them in a hurry at some point to be able to wear the bag. If they break, I will have to think of a better way to attach them and make them more secure.

Overall, I am happy with the result. I love this bag and I use it almost everyday!


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