Bowling shirt ::The great British sewing Bee::


Are you familiar with the program “The great British sewing bee”? If not, I encourage you to take a look. I have to say that it motivated me a lot on continuing sewing. The program is smart and educative. In each program there is a history section on fashion, sewing machines, fabrics, … interesting facts that I didn’t know! What I liked the most is that I realised how little time it takes to finish a garment. Full lined jackets in 8 hours, t-shirts in 2 hours, …. If I could sew this fast, I could make a full new wardrobe in a matter of weeks! For me finishing a project takes weeks.

As a present I was given the second book of “The great British sewing bee: sew your own wardrobe”. The book has nice pictures, explanatory graphics and a good command of the fabric.


One of the first projects I tried is the Bowling shirt. The shirt has two front bust darts and two back dobule-point darts. As the shirt is not super fitted to the body, it was really easy to sew the four darts.


I used a blue dotted fabric (polka dots) for the body and contrasting yellow fabric for the neckline and cuff. I like the combination of colours. A nice cheerful colour block shirt.


What I found a bit odd was the number of buttons required. The pattern calls for 9 of them just for the front. I am not really fun to make buttonholes, my machine has a 4-step buttonholes which is fine. However, I find it hart to make totally identical holes. So I decided to use less, I used a total of 6 in the end.



This bowling shirt was a perfect present for one of my aunts that loves blue. I am determined to sew one for me. Hopefully I will show you soon!

Many kisses for my lovely model!

Pattern review:

Bowling Shirt :: The great British sewing bee::

Pieces: 5 (front, back, sleeve, collar and cuff)
Darts: 4 (two front and two back)

Rating (1-5): XXXX
Level: beginners
Sewing time (hours): 2-2.5

In few words: quick and easy to put together, 

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