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Recently I bought four books on Japanese patterns in English. One of them is the Stylish Dress Book #3, see below. Some of the patterns are really cute and I like the pictures, simple and minimalist.

StylishDressBookAs you can see, the book has already colour tags on pages with patterns I want to make. I will post them in due time. This book has a nice combination of dresses, pants and blouses. Each pattern has an alphabet letter, so it gets quite handy to find the pattern in the pattern sheets.

YBlouse-SDBThe first patter I tried is the Y blouse you see above. This is a crossed blouse with a bow tie to join both pieces. Each sleeve is made out of two ruffled layers. Although I liked how it looks in the picture, I wanted a softer ruffled sleeves. For this reason, I choose a blue chiffon with multi-colour dots.

YBlouse1-SDBI have to confess that the pattern was really easy to assemble. The book contains nice graphics on how to do things but I guess that it is not for beginners. The instructions are on the short side so you need to have an idea on what to do.

I could have finished the blouse in about two hours but my choice of fabric didn’t help to speed up. I am not used to sew with slippery fabrics. To solved it, I used extra amount of pins to secure better the fabric and it worked perfectly well.


One down side of this blouse is that you need to wear a tank top. While wearing it, I realised that the V-neck gets quite low so I am considering to add an extra pin to secure it in place.

By the way, I found an interesting site where you can see how sewers have made the Japanese patterns you want. If you want to see pictures of the Y blouse I made, click here http://japancouture.canalblog.com/tag/280-y.

From this book, I am thinking that my next project should be this G dress, see http://japancouture.canalblog.com/tag/280-G. Which is the pattern that you like most from the Stylish Dress Book #3?